2016 AGM Meeting and Question Results

30/04/2017 bcaclub1@gmail.com Notice Board

EDIT: It has been brought to our attention that there was a mistake in Question 5 of the AGM results. Even though the actual article can’t be altered due to Mail Chimp policies the correction will be highlighted here other social media and the website.
Andrew McCrindle stated that “youngsters like instant satisfaction and that traditional methods of fishing are far too out-dated and time consuming for them” pointing out that Course Fishing was the way forwards. He also suggested rule changes to make the experience easier and more entertaining/engaging for younger people by allowing maggots and barbless hooks on the river. The consensus was that at this time there wasn’t enough evidence to warrant these rule changes but they did agree that there would need to be a modernisation of the rules to attract new members, however this topic on the rules was left without conclusion and to be discussed at the next committee meeting.

Counted as one of the best AGM’s for the club to date. Read about it here:

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