Club Rules

The club has 30 rules which members are to follow. Click Here to view a copy that can be saved and printed. Or view below:

  1. The club shall be known as the “Barnard Castle Angling Club”
  2. Full membership is confined to residents of Barnard Castle and outlying villages within a 5 mile radius.
  3. Only full members may vote at the A.G.M.
  4. Associate members to be allowed to fish all club waters, but this concession could be taken away at the discretion of the committee.
  5. The committee, elected at the A.G.M. by full members shall consist of a President, Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer plus a maximum of ten full members plus two Honorary members.
  6. All committee members shall be appointed Honorary Water Bailiffs of the club.
  7. Membership fees to be as determine at the A.G.M. Members must renew their subscription before 1st March. After this date up to 1st April a fee will be charged for late renewal in addition to the subscription. After the 1st April the membership list will close and re-election sought next year.
  8. The committee are empowered to increase the membership fees to meet any emergency expenditure.
  9. Prospective members must submit application before 1st June. These will be considered by the committee.
  10. The following will be entitled to Honorary Membership of the club:
    1. Any member of 65 years of age or over, upon completion of Ten consecutive years of membership
    2. Any member of 65 years or over who has been a member of the club for a total of 20 years.
    3. Any associate member 65 years or over who have been a member of the club for a total of 25 Any person wishing to apply for honorary membership must apply to the secretary in writing.
  11. Visitors’ tickets are obtainable, 10 day tickets, (from 1st April to 16th March inclusive).
  12. A member must produce their Membership Card and appropriate River Authority Licence when called upon to do so by an Agent or Servant of the Riparian Owner or by any Water Bailiff or Constable.
  13. When fishing a member must not be accompanied by a dog, carry a gun or do any damage to grass, crops, trees etc. They must keep as near to the river bank as possible.
  14. Fishing to be allowed during the hours of darkness for migratory fish, fly only.
  15. Any migratory fish that are to be weighed in must be weighed in and declared with the Secretary, Chairman and the Bailiff with the details of the location where caught, by what method (worm, fly or spinning) and must produce the relevant environment agency licence. Any person weighing in a migratory fish without the appropriate licence are open to prosecution. Members please note that all hen fish are to be released
  16. No Spinning for migratory fish on Lartington Water, the fishing method for this water for migratory fish is to be fly only using a barbless hook and 1 fish per person per week.
  17. No maggot or ground baiting is allowed on any of the club’s water at any time. All other natural bait is allowed.
  18. A member must not fish within three yards of another member without that member’s permission.
  19. A member must not take or kill more than 4 sizable fish in one day.
  20. All fishing is prohibited on Col. Watson’s water during the month of October.
  21. Grayling fishing to be allowed during the coarse season (1st October to 16th March inclusive), fishing with fly or worm, using a float and barbless hook.
  22. No fishing within 25 yards above or 100 yards below Warren’s Dam after 31st August.
  23. Size Limits: River Tees, nine inches; River Greta, seven inches.
  24. An efficient disgorger must be carried when fishing.
  25. Any member who breaks any of the club rules, or who is guilty of un-gentlemanly conduct, is liable to suspension or dismissal from the club at the discretion of the committee. Before any such action is taken the offending member has the right to appear before the committee if he or she so wishes.
  26. Club rules may only be amended to or added to be simple majority on a vote at the A.G.M.
  27. Any proposal for amendment of the rules must be submitted in writing to the Secretary at least 14 days prior to the A.G.M.
  28. Spinning for brown trout is strictly illegal and any member found breaking this rule will be instantly dismissed from the club.
  29. Fishing for brown trout will be from 22nd March to the 30th September inclusive.
  30. All members, juniors (ages 12 and over) must possess a current Environment Agency licence.


1) The club will not accept responsibility for injury, damage a loss of property.
2) Will members please note that they are only allowed to fish for trout or Grayling on Raby Estate water.