Weigh In

There are a multiple ways to get your fish weighed in and be able to enter for the trophies.
The first station is the one which will be the most reliable to get hold of so we recommend using this one as much as possible. Only signed forms from officials or weigh ins done by officals will be entered for the trophies.

McFarlane’s Butchers

The fish must be wrapped in plastic bags before being weighed.

Monday to Saturday

Open from 8am – 5pm

The butchers have a form which must be completed by yourself other than the weight and sign box. The weight and sign sections must be filled in by the butcher for it to be offical.

If you are not sure of the location, use the map on the side of the box which the forms are slotted into.

If you are unable to get to McFarlands or if it is shut you can speak to the other official weigh in people.

Name: Dennis Hinchcliffe Frank Harrison Gareth Hinchcliffe
Position: Chairman Members Secretary Head Bailiff
Address: 22 Queen Street,
Barnard Castle,
DL12 8JF
22 Victoria Road,
Barnard Castle,
DL12 8HP
Spring Garden Cottages,
Barnard Castle,
DL12 8NW
Telephone: 01833 637411 01833 690768 01833 690896
Mobile: 07867603698 07827623300 07977698958

If you are unable to get hold of any of these people then you many contact
Andrew McCrindle – Bailiff – 07503661936

You must have your fish weighed in officially to be able to win the trophies.

If you have any questions please contact us at contactus@bcaclub.co.uk