Others Recommended

These are other flies which have been recommended for use on the water.

Black Gnat Black Spider Medium Bluebottle Tup’s Indispensible
Red Ant Blue Quill Pheasant Tail Coachman Pale Watery Dun
Brown Sedge Red Spinner Olive Quill Rough Olive Blue Winged Olive
Coch y Bonddu Silver Sedge Ginger Quill White Moth Gold Ribbed hare’s Ear
Cinnamon Sedge Klinkhammer Wickham’s fancy

Wet / Nymph

Black Zulu Bumbles Soldier Palmer Blue Zulu Grouse and Claret
Goat’s Toe Invicta Clan Chief Fiery Brown Muddlers Minnow
Kate McClaren Butcher Bloody Butcher Peter Ross