NOTICE – Information and questions from the club to current members.

07/01/2017 Notice Board

In preparation for the AGM we would like members to think about the following issues and tell us your comments and improvements we could make. You are welcome to give them at the AGM or you can write to us or email in. You are able to contact us from the contact us page.

• Question 1: Due to the dropping number of members in the club it has been suggested to have a £5 increase in subs this is so we can continue to pay the water rent. Would you mind an increase and do you think this is reasonable? Or would you mind if the increase being higher?

• Question 2: If we are unable to draw more members next year or do not increase subs, the club may have to give up sections of the river as water rental will be difficult to pay. Do you as members think this is a good idea? As there would be less areas for members to fish.

• Question 3: Do you think that the BCAClub should be stricter on membership rules and only have members from Barnard Castle and from a 5 mile radius? – which is indicated in the rule book. NOTE: This would only be if we had to give up sections of the river.

• Question 4: Honorary members currently don’t pay a membership fee to fish the waters. It has been suggested that Honorary members pay either a small fee of £10 or put in a donation.

• Question 5: How do you think we can draw more members into the club? Younger members especially are needed. This can include possible activities as well as things on social media, online or on the website.

• Question 6: Carp fishing is becoming more popular, it has been suggested that the club might utilise the Hub Carp fishing some how to bring in other members. Do you think this is a good idea?

Also we would like to inform you that next year, members will ONLY be able to renew though the Toyshop or through the mail to the Treasurer. BAC’s is available but only on request. The online renewal system wasn’t used as effectively in 2016 and cost the club money for the use of the Paypal system. So it has been decommissioned and we are sorry for the inconvenience.

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